This game was lovingly made for my 5-year-old daughter and her “Pop Pop” (my dad), based on a fun game they have played together since she was born. I am a single mother with a background in graphic design who taught myself game development. This is my 2nd attempt to release something cute & fun for kids or the inner kid still left in some of us adults. I will continue to learn & get better. Thanks for the support!

Yum, yum, panda fun!

Pop Pop Panda and his adorable grand-panda, Little Panda, are hungry! It’s time to eat all sorts of yummy goodies… fresh bamboo branches and lushes leaves, wild wonder berries, and refreshing water droplets!

But pandas beware! Life in the jungle isn’t all fun, food, and games. Meanie hunters (also known as poachers) are never too far away. The pandas must jump and bounce their way around, avoiding any signs of man. If you see a safari hat, that could only mean there is danger nearby.

So get those cute, little chubby panda butts moving up and down, helping each other bounce through the jungle, but avoid hitting the safari hats! You definitely want to steer clear of those hats! NO HATS!

While on your beautiful, food-gathering journey, remember to also keep an eye out for big, floating clocks. You want to hit as many of these time clocks as possible. These sparkling, colorful doodads keep your time going!

Strive to beat your own personal HIGHSCORE while helping Pop Pop Panda and Little Panda fill their cuddly, round bellies with yum-yums.

Whata Hoot Game Designs is an independent, woman-owned design studio based in the U.S. that develops and publishes fun and addictive games. Whata Hoot strives to create engaging mobile content for audiences of all ages.
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Requirements: 2.3.3 and up