Xooloo Parents is the buddy app for Xooloo Digital Coach. The app allows you to connect, assist and accompany your child at every stage of their digital life without being intrusive.

From your smartphone, you will get real-time insights offering you a realistic overview of how your kids spend their time connected without disturbing their personal sense of privacy and independence. It’s a great way to eliminate misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts!

Empower your tween or teen to use their time responsibly or simply set auto-pilot mode on and let their Digital Coach step in to help them autonomously. It’s really neat!
See their most used apps, the times they connect the most, benchmark their digital usage average and compare them with other kids the same age, right from the app! If needed you can create and modify your kids phone, games and app time usage when their coach reports they might need your guidance. The coach also helps you set fair time allowance.

Most importantly Xooloo Parents is here to help you communicate better with your kids about the importance of being a responsible digital citizen, enjoying their digital freedom and taking a team effort approach vs. one-sided guidance.

✔ The parents app is free!
✔ Get coached
You will learn your child’s digital norms, how to give more autonomy with trust
✔ Shared coaching dashboard
Help children understand real time vs. screen time through shared built in dashboards
✔ Benchmark
Compare your child’s smartphone and app time usage with other kids of the same age and region.
✔ Create and modify your kid’s time allowance based on fair recommendations provided in real-time by the coach
✔ Temporarily disable phone, SMS, categories or apps
✔ Transparent time allowance settings
Your children will never be surprised by time, they see what you set and the coach helps them make the most of their allowance
✔ Secure web
Protect browsing from inappropriate content thanks to our A.I. content analysis engine.
✔ New app downloads notifications
Kids can explore and download apps freely by default, but you can decide whether they are appropriate or not.
✔ In-app notifications for time requests
Your kids can send real-time requests for extra time negotiations
✔ Call block
In case of harassment, you can block specific phone numbers
✔ No geo tracking
✔ Respects private post and messaging
Post, browsing history and other forms of messaging are not exposed
✔ Dinner Time!
With the click of a button, temporarily disable your child’s smartphone or tablet. Bon appétit!

Let your kid keep their own digital usage in check with Xooloo Digital Coach!

? Digital Coach has been awarded Best of Innovation in the software and mobile apps category at CES 2017 and nominated for the Best Mobile App for Connected Lifestyle at GLOMO 2017.

After a 30-day free trial, you can subscribe from USD 2.99 a month for 1 child device, 4.99 for 3 devices and 6.99 for an unlimited number. Parents apps do not count and we also offer attractive yearly subscriptions for USD 29.99, 49.99 and 59.99. Manage your parents account on our web site: https://www.xooloo.com/customer-area/

Please send us any question or issue on support.mobile@xooloo.com stating:
. your parent account e-mail
. the make & model of the device used by your child
Sit back, relax. We’ll get back to you shortly

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up