Wild Fishing Simulator

Wild Fishing Simulator is #1 wild fishing simulation game on android this year. There is no need to worry about without a skilled fishing experience, the only thing you need do is moving your fingers to enjoy the thrill of fishing!

The real fishing experience is as if you are holding a fishing rod and start real fishing!

If you like fishing, start sailing to the sea!

Game Features:
🐟 The difficulty of the game is not high, free to get started, simplify the complex fishing;
🐟 The real 3D picture allows you to see the fish jumping around.
🐟 The skill of grasping the fishing line can make it easier for you to fall into the big fish;
🐟 not only can you feel the real effect of splashing, but also can collect a variety of illustrations of fish that have not been seen;
🐟 This is a free game where you can enjoy the pleasure of catching big fish.
🐟 We will continue to update the game to ensure a better gaming experience.

🐟 Dropping the button to throw a squat, and controlling the force in the better position will have the chance to fall to a bigger fish.
🐟 If the word “hook” appears on the rod, you can quickly close the line.
🐟 The strength of the closing line should be properly controlled. Too loose fish will slip away, too tight a rope will break;
🐟 Fish you can choose to release, sell, load.

If you also like fishing 🐟, then you can download Wild Fishing Simulator!