You want to always know where there are traffic police?

“Where is the traffic police” – is a free online map of the traffic police and traffic police posts. If you want to know where are the inspectors of the road patrol service, then this is the app will help you. Where the traffic police shows on a map where currently there are traffic police patrol car that will allow you to define a detour if necessary and avoid unwanted meetings.

An application needs access to the Internet. It is also desirable to include a GPS option to your location more accurately determined. The program operates through information from ordinary motorists and ordinary users who alert about the presence in the locality of the post of GAI, DPS, etc. Therefore, if you are suddenly driving through or pass by such a post, then mark this location on the map button “There are traffic cops.” So you notify other drivers, and they will be very grateful.

When you start the service, you will see all the points where there are possible in the current traffic cops. The more people confirm this information, the truer it is. So use “Where the traffic police” and, as they say, no nails, no wand you.

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Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 4.0 and up