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Kids are curious about everything around them and always ask parents funny and cute questions like that: “Mommy, where did I come from?”
“From a tree?” “From the sea?” or “Under a rock?”
Funny answers, aren’t they? ^_^
【Where Do Babies Come From】, provides a scientific answer for kids and shows them where babies come from and teach them how to help and take care of pregnant Mommy. It’s about the birth of babies, satisfying children’s curiosity, and helps children develop an accurate view on life!

Look after pregnant Mommy and sweet newborn baby! Take care of their health, home, food and more!
Are you excited to have a little sister or brother? Play Mommy’s little helper and be the best nanny for a sweet newborn baby! Get to know where babies come from and prepare for baby’s arrival: satisfy Mommy’s needs and help her, check Mommy’s health, choose a yummy and healthy diet for Mommy & baby, treat Mommy with a relaxing sleep and more! Don’t forget to prepare matching outfits and other things for Mommy and her newborn baby!
Get to know Where Do Babies Come From:
1.It shows the entire process of giving birth to a baby , “fertilized egg→Baby Growing in Mommy’s belly→Newborn Baby”
2. Learn about how a sperm turns into a baby and explore the mysterious process of life.
3. Play the role of sperm and win the sperm races.
4. Takes care of Mommy and baby, pay close attention to the emotional state of Mommy, and develop a sense of family responsibility.
5. Play piano as a musician and play beautiful music for Mommy.
6. Simple pictures and easy expression for kids to understand “Where Do Babies Come From”.

* Mommy is so hungry, make yummy snacks and feed her!
* Listen to Mommy’s baby bump and hear baby’s heartbeat!
* Mommy is sleepy, treat Mommy a relaxing sleep!
* Help Mommy at home and prepare tiny baby clothes!
* Prepare baby formula for newborn baby!

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