WeScore™ is an application to allow the parents, friends and family of school sports participants to remotely follow school sporting events in real-time, even when they are unable to physically attend the game.

WeScore™ is a communications application that consists of a “host” (someone physically attending the event), and “guests” (remote viewers).

The WeScore™ application allows any app user to be either the “Host” or a “Guest” of a school sporting event. Hosting a sporting event is free to all app users, and Guests can obtain more viewing time by either watching a short advertisement or purchasing time in packs of 60, 120, or 180 minutes.

Game scoring begins when a host selects the “Create an Event” option on the WeScore™ application. Creating an event will open that event, making it available for guests to join and watch the event.

When a guest selects the “Join an Event” button on the WeScore™ application, and selects their desired event, the application will then display the proper sporting event background (Baseball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.) along with the team names, team scores, and game timing information.

The amount of viewing time remaining is displayed as the user is viewing an event, and if they run out, they will automatically view an ad and receive 5 more minutes free of charge.

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.1 and up