Welltory measures your heart rate, energy ? and stress with a smartphone camera or heart rate monitor. It is a quantified self stress management tool that helps you track your lifestyle on a daily basis and improve your performance.
We can detect your heart beats ? through smartphone camera by Photoplethysmography method, which was invented over 50 years ago.

✔️ Measure your stress and energy levels with HRV algorithm.
✔️ Get a general health check: how your heart, nervous system and body are working.
✔️ Add data to track how you sleep, eat, move, exercise and work. Find out which habits work best for you.
✔️ Visit the Academy section to learn more about how your body & brain work.
✔️ Use the Tasks feature to conduct experiments and learn about your health. There are guided quests of 3 types – lectures, professional tests, and instructions.
✔️ Learn how your stress & energy balance influences your productivity.

All measurements are based on heart rate variability data, which is also used in professional sports and space medicine. We use your phone’s flash & camera to shine through your index finger ? and track how your blood vessels change the color because of blood’s movement inside.

Just a short list of data you can put on your dashboard in Welltory:
• Stress & energy – take measurements with Welltory
• Any data from the Google Fit app
• Meteo data: temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction, cloudiness
• Sleep: Mi Band, Fitbit, Beddit, Jawbone, Mistfit, SleepCycle, etc.
• Steps and exercise: Moves, Fitbit, Jawbone, Mistfit, RunKeeper, Strava
• Weight: Withings, Fitbit, Mi Fit, Qardio
• Nutrition: LifeSum, FatSecret
• Genome: 23andme, Atlas, Genotek
• Indoor conditions: home weather stations (Foobot, Netatmo)
• Productivity: RescueTime
• Blood pressure: Withings and iHealth
• Geolocation: Swarm

Improve your focus, performance, energy and health with Welltory!

Learn more about the science behind the app on our website: https://welltory.com/science

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.3 and up