Get Wattsup messenger today and get a fast, free and secure experience. Enjoy from handful of features, starting with the option to run groups of up to 5000 members, having unlimited cloud storage at the palm of your hands and super-fast messaging app that is both free and secured.
If you are looking for an app that is considered to be very fast among the messaging apps, now you have found that might suit your needs. Wattsup is considered to be among the fastest messaging apps today. You can also have top notch privacy and security, you can choose between sending hidden messages, where the receiver only gets a few seconds to read your message (self-destructed messages) or feel safe knowing that your messages are safe from hacker attacks.
Powerful messaging app – feel free to send large files. In fact there is no limit for the size of your media and chat. You can also choose to send files to yourself and enjoy your own private cloud, where you can store unlimited amount of data. You can send the things you wish to your friends or family members, so you can always share with others your experiences, even to those who are more familiar with other platforms.
Enjoy the speed, there are data centers across the globe, to make sure you can enjoy the speed you need in your daily life. Sending data in a fast way can really make things much simpler. When you know that you are acting efficiently and you are not wasting your time, you feel happier and more content. Our app with data centers which are spread around the globe to give you an exact answer for your needs, we wish you to get a quick response for every message that you send. Get more done in a quicker time, feel better about your day, so you won’t wait all day long for things to get going. Send the things you need and get the responses you want – fast and accurate. Share the content with your friends, who want to become part of a larger community.
Had an error or sent something by mistake? No worries, you can easily delete any message or edit it. Moreover, you can enjoy Wattsup from multiple devices. Don’t leave doubts – if you are not sure just delete or edit the message. You can always go back and fix your errors. You don’t need to feel that you made a mistake that can’t be fixed. In fact you can send content fast and get quick responses. Enjoy your private cloud, where you can easily send things to yourself and afterwards get this content from any device – unlimited amount of data can be saved there, simple and easy to use. If you are looking for a comfort solution, you have found one.
We appreciate your willingness to try us out. For help or questions feel free to contact our support team. You can also show your support by rating us and leaving your comments. Thank you very much.

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.0 and up