Nowadays, terrorist attack is increasingly serious. As the Commander of counter-terrorism Strike Force, what you must do is to gather allies to fight against terrorists who pursue terrorism and carry high-tech devastating weapons! This is an order: To conquer the brutal terrorists with coalition allies! Download War Blaz now and you’ll be the Supreme Commander of counter-terrorism!

1. Launch a global war of counter-terrorism
Experience the real battle from the game, give your troops a strong military backing to declare war against terrorists. A real-time strategy game that anti-terrorism and military enthusiasts should not miss.

2. Clash with rivals with tactical mind and strategy
Use a wide variety of tanks and modern military units which can be listed in tens of tactics such as anti-tank war or Blitz by yourself to defeat terrorism!

3. Become the Supreme Commander of anti-terrorism at PVP game
Fight against other commanders in single player mode as well as in anti-terrorism of Alliance mode at War Blaz. Call your friends and play PVP and PvE together.

The Middle-East is under the great pressure of terrorism and conflict where anti-terrorism war will be declared at any time! Commander, you have to establish the first Military Power, warning terrorists that justice has prevailed! Download War Blaz now to conquer all terrorists and annihilate terrorism!


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Category: Strategy
Requirements: 3.0 and up