Wall All was developed to provide external applications a way to read the light and sound sensor data of an android device. Currently it also streams either the front or back camera, the only requirement is having a browser or a third party application to view the stream. It also has text to speech capabilities in all languages supported by Google TTS. It allows you to play locally stored media files, control the brightness of the screen, monitor the battery, and setting the playback volume.

By default the camera streams on port 9090 and the API to get sensor data or control the device is hosted on port 8080.
The light sensor reports its data in Lux, the sound sensor reports in Amplitude, the battery in Percentage, the brightness can be set from 1 to 255, going lower than 1 on the brightness is not supported.

In order to control the brightness of the screen you will need to disable automatic brightness control.

Wall All is mainly a service based application and it offers the ability to start itself when the device boots.

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Category: House & Home
Requirements: 6.0 and up