What is black hole?
What’s inside a black hole?
What does the inside of a black hole look like?
What would happen if you fell into a black hole?
How time becomes space inside a black hole?

For answering to these ultimate questions of the universe,
We created a ultimate virtual reality experience game for whole human being.
We call it VR Black Hole.

What can VR Black Hole do?
★ A ticket to start a deep space jorney.
★ Pilot a space ship.
★ Approaching the event horizon of the black hole.
★ Travel into a black hole to start a interstellar travel .
★ Time travel, Warp Drive & Wormhole.
★ Be lonely, because you are thousands of light years far from earth.

VR Black Hole can explain these things:
★ Singularity
★ Gravity
★ Event Horizon
★ Gravitational Lens
★ Accretion Disk
★ Space Travel

And after interstellar space travel, where will we be?
Find the answer in VR Black Hole, it can give you different answers or endings, beyond your imagination.

VR Black Hole is not just a VR game. This is a real space travel simulator!

This game requires use of a Google Cardboard VR viewer
For more information on Android-based Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard VR check:

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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 4.4 and up