Do you worry about not being able to reply to someone’s SMS when you are busy? just setup the Vortex SMS to auto reply to specific person when they send you an SMS. You can customize the Auto Reply text for each contact if you don’t like the default message.

If you have multiple phones and want to leave one at home but still want to know who sent you a message? Setup Vortex SMS to automatically forward the incoming SMS to your other number so always know what’s happening on your other number. Vortex SMS can also include the sender’s name and original time-stamp the SMS was received.

You can also ‘Lock’ all your messages, Vortext SMS includes App Lock feature and it will ask for your password/lock code every time you open Vortex SMS so your privacy is protected. But if you don’t want to lock all conversations but just specific ones you can do so by locking individual conversations with a password.

You can also schedule multiple messages for every contact. To view scheduled messages tap ‘View Scheduled’ from within a conversation. You can also unschedule an SMS, send it now or edit the schedules SMS.

Vortex SMS key features:

Auto Reply.
Auto Forward.
App Lock.
Message Scheduling.
Conversation Lock.
Custom Color for each Contact.
Custom Notification Tone for each Contact.
Plenty of customization options.
Black Theme for AMOLED Screens.
Quick Reply from Notification.
Mark As Read from Notification.
Non intrusive UI.
Archiving old conversations.

If something does not work please let us know through ‘Bug Report’ option in the app, you can also request new features through ‘Feature Request’.

If you want to help in translating Vortex SMS to your native language please let us know through ‘Contact Us > Contribute Translation’. You will get credit for your help in the app and the Plus version of the app for free.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.4 and up