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Volume Booster & Bass Booster with Music Player

Ξ Increase volume on your android device. Boost the volume of even very quiet speakers. Raise volume above maximum.

Want to make it louder ? Sometimes you turn the volume up to the maximum and still can’t hear well what’s being played. Volume Booster can increase sound volume of any Androids program even if the current system volume is at maximum.

Having trouble hearing your friends on Skype? Sound Booster makes even very small and quiet speakers sound louder. Now if you can’t hear the other person well, you can easily raise the volume above the maximum.

Thinking about buying a new Android speakers? If all you need is to occasionally boost volume for some quiet video or music, then probably you don’t need new speakers. With Sound Booster you can boost sound in Android operating system up to 500% of the original level!

Volume Booster And Sound Booster can be used as an extra amplifier when the volume of the program you are listening to is too low for comfortable listening and you feel that your Android’s speakers can produce a louder sound. This can be the case when the audio or video has been recorded at the level below normal

●Bass booster works for every application!
You can use Bass Booster to boost sound of a web browser, a media player, a game or any other Android program that plays sound. You can use your software as usual, no special treatment required. No need to install any plugins or add-on’s. Sound Booster amplifies sound in real-time and there is no need to configure it.

●With Volume Booster you can make any program as loud as you want !
Now you are not limited by the maximum amplification capabilities of your Android’s sound card. You can raise volume to the desired level even if the volume level in system set on maximum. Sound Booster processes all audio that is being played in system and boosts it before it gets to the sound card.

●Increase volume above maximum
Sound of any application that is being played in the system can be amplified up to 500%. Sound Booster can raise volume of programs like web browsers, on-line communication software (Skype, MSN, Live), all kinds of media players and games. Simply put, volume of virtually any program that can play sounds in computer running Android, can be boosted to a comfortable level with Sound Booster

●Very easy to use
You can control current volume with the pop-up slider from the system tray. Alternatively, you can assign system-wide hot keys for increasing and decreasing, and use them when you need to adjust volume

●Volume Booster Autostart
Volume Booster can be started automatically on every Android startup so you don’t have to start it manually. This may be useful if your Android’s speakers are so quiet that their volume level is not enough on most occasions.

●Bass Booster Make No sound distortion
Sound Booster constantly monitors current gain level and prevents samples from clipping, thus reducing all major sound distortions.

Ξ Bass Booster And Volume Booster Pro
♫ With Volume Booster you can make any program as loud as you want
♫ Music player volume booster for headphones, head Phone Volume Booster Support all device
♫ Music sound increaser with music equalizer boost Increase Volume.
♫ Boost speaker volume
♫ Enjoy your favourite music without external speakers
♫ Enhance bass boost and speaker booster loud and other sound effects.
♫ Volume Increaser can customize sound for many applications in the phone.
♫ Bass booster amplify system volume
♫ Equalizer music player no distortion when increasing
♫ Easy control from the system tray
♫ Volume control customize audio for many applications

Ξ Tkanks for used Volume Booster – Bass Booster
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