Build your dream house in few minutes with the help of all needed tools. Welcome to the Village farm house builder game and farming simulator. It’s really fun to build your own home sweet home like a farmhouse and live healthy and close to the nature. Everyone is sick to live in the spoil weather conditions of the city and machine life. So come on and join tribe of farmer and gardener. Please mommy and dad by building a seaside farms outside your town, far from city traffic and live like happy family.
Everything in the village is fresh like eggs, beef, chicken, mutton, fruits and vegetables. You can have pure milk fresh yogurt cream and cheese. Love your pets because they give milk and meat. You can have number of pet games to play outdoor after school. Baby cows and chicks and other baby animals love to play with kids. Riding horse has much fun than to drive or to take flight.
Let’s farm and take extra ordinary care of your plants and make you garden neat and clean. Cut dried flowers and leaves. Grow plant and learn gardening on the little beautiful island. Use scarecrow to protect your fields from birds.
Construction may not take a long time to get complete but the pleasure will be unforgettable. Design your home with different colors of paints. Decorate it by heart and you’ll know that how memorable it is to build a home and design it.
Play excellent building games for kids with us. Have some more farming games for girls on freakyapps and download and play for free. We would really appreciate your feedback.

Category: Casual Creativity
Requirements: 2.3 and up