We would like to introduce you to ViaNotes; the very last, complete, mobile note taking application that you will ever need to download!

ViaNotes has two main note taking sections that can be accessed throughout the application; Written Notes and Voice/Audio Notes. The Written Notes section of the application includes functionality for a user to create, save, view, edit, rename, or delete typed notes. Alternatively, the Voice Notes section of the application contains features that allow the user to view, record, play, rename, or delete audio notes.

ViaNotes was designed with our users in mind, and with that, we have done everything possible to ensure simplicity and ease of use from within our application. From quality Voice Transcription to Built-In Instructions, we have all you need to quickly understand and begin using our application for all your note taking needs right now.

Try us out, you will not be disappointed!


Extra Note:

Location based application translations, include; English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, French, and Portuguese.


All Voice Recording completed in this application will be local to your device, meaning no data is ever sent from this application to an external server. The only times Voice Recognition or Voice Recording become activated, are when the user decides to use the feature from within in the application. You control all notes written, transcribed, or recorded while using this application.

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Category: Tools
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up