Upcard is an autism app that allows you to create digital picture cards that can be used for speaking, day planning, activity and food tracking, as well as a visual timer and stopwatch.

Upcard also helps you to keep an eye on progress by giving you insightful statistics on how often cards are used, how they are used and even allows you to track how much a card is used, especially when tracking mood or food.

Upcard is clean and clutter free making it perfect for anyone, but especially for kids with cognitive or attention challenges.

1. Speak cards
2. Day planner with reminder notifications
3. Diary for tracking e.g. food, mood or activity
4. Visual timer
5. Dash board with tracking metrics and insights
6. Practice mode for learning new cards
7. Offline mode
8. Multiple device syncing

More to come soon

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up