Typany Keyboard – A Simple, Fast, Fashionable keyboard with comprehensive customization features!
?NEW: (♥ω♥)~♪ sound is now available!

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~Why Typany is your best keyboard?
?DIY Theme: Get creative! Choose your favorite pictures?, colors?and completely customize your keyboard.
?Emoji Maker:Share the fun! Design your own emoji?from hundreds of options, then send your creation to your friends??. (Find emoji panel to start DIY, or?check the tutorial on Youtube: https://goo.gl/XEpP0x)
?A.I. Powered Prediction & Auto Correction: Type fast?! Type as quickly as you like and let our powerful typo-killer take care of the mistakes??.
?Expert Learning: Be unique✨?✨! Use whatever words you want. Typany will learn as you type so you don’t need to manually add words to your personal dictionary?.
Upgrade your phone’s keyboard to Typany Keyboard⌨️ for free now!

Typany Keyboard delivers the fastest and most personalized keyboard offered.
Start your unique typing experience with Typany’s personalized prediction technology and our completely???FREE exclusive keyboard themes and emoji art.

?Typany Learning! F-A-S-T ?
Use abbreviations, slang, even your own secret language – Typany Learning will process your frequently used phrases and safely store them on your phone. We designed this feature to make sure you can type faster than before and express your creativity at the same time.

?Regularly Updated Themes and Stickers, for FREE! ?
Have you ever had to choose between two options and couldn’t decide?? Not with Typany! All of the themes and stickers we offer are completely free, so you can download and try as many as you want. Plus?, we regularly update the store so there’s always something new to try.

?Multi-language Support!
We’re working to make Typany as inclusive as possible?. That’s why Typany currently supports over 100 languages! Now it’s easier than ever to quickly switch between multiple languages as you’re typing.
?Languages we support, including:
English (US, UK, AU)
Spanish (ES, LA, US)
Portuguese (PT, BR)
See the full list of languages here?: www.typany.com/help.html

Key Features:
?️Auto Complete and Word Prediction: Auto-complete the words you are typing and offers you accurate next-word prediction;
?️Auto Correction: Corrects your typos with various language correction models;
?️Emoji Prediction: Recommend your favorite emojis as Typany remembers not only words but also emojis;
?️Text Bang: Offers a revolutionary way to edit long sentences by allowing you to easily copy or delete any words you choose.
?️Expanding Theme Choices: Hundreds of fancy keyboard themes to make your keyboard style and new themes are delivered weekly!
?Sound Effect: Add more fun when you’re typing. Keys A through Z reveal a buffet of sound effect, everything from super Mario to camel bells!
?️Fully Customizable Keyboard Layout: Choose from QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY layouts – whatever suits your style!
?️The Most Compact File Size: Takes up less space. Do more with your phone.

?We’re a team who all strive to create the best keyboard out there.
Please let us know how we can improve@?. Your support drives us.

Contact us
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/typany/
Feedback: typany2016@gmail.com
Join our G+ community to be a beta tester now! https://goo.gl/h4Z0XK

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Category: Personalization
Requirements: 4.1 and up