Triathlon Calculator is an application designed for triathletes by triathletes. It will perform a lot of the calculations that we tend to need across all 3 disciplines of triathlon and adds up all times including transitions to give the finish time. Pick from a standard distance or even enter custom distances.

Move between the tabs to set distance, speed or times for swim, bike, run or transition times.

The total time as well as the individual sport time updates as you enter swim pace, bike speed or run paces. The time can also be updated which will instantly update the pace or speed for that sport as well as the total time.

Modifying the race selection after you have a time maintains the speeds in each sport and updates the total time accordingly. This is great for examples such as; If I could somehow maintain this sprint triathlon speed for an Ironman, what would my finish time be?

Additional Functionality:
Switching to custom maintains the distances of the previously selected race
Convert between time per 100m and time per 100 yards for swimming.
Convert between miles per hour and kilometres per hour for cycling.
Convert between minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer for running.
How fast do I need to swim per 100m to finish a 750m swim in 13:45?
What does the Ironman world record scale down to as a sprint triathlon?
Very small native android app with google material design for a familiar look and feel

Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up