Welcome to the Times Table Shuffle application. This app consists of a series of self-checking multiplication and division puzzles. It provides students of all ages with a novel and exciting way to practice, apply, and reinforce their multiplication and division skills. In finding common factors, common denominators and factor pairs, which are essential to the mastery of fractions, mental arithmetic (i.e. without reliance on the calculator), and problem solving.

There are three levels of difficulty, all playable on the iphone and ipad.
The levels are as follows:

Level 1.) Table range 2 to 7 times.
recommended for players from grades 2 to 4

Level 2.) Table range 2 to 12 times
recommended for players from grades 4 and up

Level 3.) Table range 2 to 15 times
recommend for advanced players

How to play:

1.) Choose a grid size, a level of difficulty, and quick game or full game

2.) Use the products shown as clues on the grid to determine the row and column multipliers, on the left and top edges of the grid respectively.

3.) Use the row and column multipliers to determine the products not shown on the grid

By solving these puzzles, students will not only improve their skills by practicing, but also they will enjoy the fun and satisfaction of completing a challenging puzzle. Thus, solving these puzzles can be a fun activity performed either collectively, as in a classroom, or independently, as a pastime.

Also, this app complies with Common Core State Standard relating to Operations and Algebraic Thinking, and provides teachers and tutors with a valuable tool which they should feel free to use where appropriate for motivating their students. For example, puzzles can be used like ‘worksheets’ in the classroom, for practice, or other activities such as graded assignments or competitive games.

Suggested Classroom Activities:

1.) Contests among groups

2.) Mini projects for extra credit or Make-up work

3.) Mandatory Homework Assignments

4.) Downtime (Study hall and free period activities)

5.) Substitute Teachers’ material

6.) Special Education program material

7.) Adult education program material

8.) Home School program material

9.) Tutorial Math program material

Reference: U.S. Patent No 8360780 B2

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Category: Educational
Requirements: 4.1 and up