Please, read the entire description before you install this app

If you don’t have theme store on your device. This will not work.

All the Galaxy devices running Stock 6.x/7.x are supported.
(Samsung Galaxy Note, S, J, C, A Series)


✺ 35+ system app overlays
✺ 10+ third party app overlays
✺ has both Light and Dark theme variants for System apps (Stock 6.x may have some issues with Dark variant)
✺ Light SystemUI – default
✺ Inverted Light SystemUI (Colored Background with white icons and text)
✺ Dark SystemUI (Black Background with dark notifications)
✺ Inverted Dark SystemUI (Colored Background with dark notifications)
✺ Over 1000+ predefined colors to pick
✺ Archive theme source files (for theme designers)
✺ Over 50+ Fonts ready to download and install
(Use it at your own risk. Firmware running 7.1.1 may crash. When it does do a restart to fix)

How to build a Theme..?
1. Select colors (Primary, Status bar, and Accent) for system apps
2. Select colors for the third party apps individually
3. Select the overlays that you want in your theme.
4. Give a name and build it. (Optionally, you can include wallpaper)
5. Install and apply the theme with Trial (Make sure the theme store is enabled)
6. Then, disable theme store and theme center to keep it

To enable/disable theme store use package disabler app if you have or use the ThemeControl that comes with this app

All your APK and archive files will be in sdcard/themeGalaxy directory

Samsung will never let you use custom themes unless they are authorized and published through them. when you install a theme using an apk (not from the theme store) it will have trial mode to apply. When the theme is applied with trial we have to disable/stop the theme store services to keep it.

If your device is rooted
Simply, disable the theme store and theme center package with any root based app

For rootless devices,
*** If you have package disabler app then you don’t need this key ***
1. Goto
2. Sign in with your Samsung account as developer
3. Generate Standard Knox SDK key (Enterprise License Management)
4. Install ThemeControl app (APK file will be in sdcard/themeGalaxy)
4. Enable Device admin rights to the app
5. Enter your key and activate the Knox SDK ELM License
Now the Theme store can be enabled / disabled from the app.

look at this image

Once after you disabled the packages, if you install new theme/reboot the device The theme center service may get start. So when it does, enable and disable the theme store again

If you are using Package Disabler then,
1. Disable Theme Store
2. Clear Theme center data.
(Theme center can’t be disabled with package disabler)

Permissions Required
– Read/Write Storage
– Internet
– Coarse Location (Approximate Location) required by google ads.
You don’t need to enable Location. Just grant the permission inorder to work
– Device Admin Rights (If you want to disable theme store with ThemeControl App)

This app never collects your data from the device.

third party app overlays
-FacebookMessenger (old versions)
-GoogleYoutube (old versions)
-Instagram (old versions)
-Twitter (only text)

Please don’t give low ratings.
If you have any compatibility issues just send me the details.
All suggestions are most welcome.

Libraries Used in this Project :
– Pikolo Color Picker
– Chrisjenx Calligraphy
– Material Intro


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Category: Personalization
Requirements: 6.0 and up