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The Winters, Storm & Windy’s Busy Weekend

“Storm and Windy’s Busy Weekend” is a delightful tale of two youngsters, Storm and Windy, who are brother and sister and just happen to be snowmen!

The story begins when fall is over and Krystal, the snow fairy, waves her magic “snow wand” and fills the air with her snowflakes. When all the land is covered with snow, she calls out, “Snowman families, it is safe to come out now!” The Winters family, who have been tucked away sleeping during the warm weather seasons, awaken and emerge from the depths within.

Once the family awakens, Storm and Windy have a “Busy Weekend” when Grandma and Grandpa Blizzard come for a visit.

Storm and Windy’s busy activities include: sleighing, snow cones, chilly chocolate, Grandma’s cookies, going for a walk in the woods, blowing bubbles, and even building … a snowman of their own!

The story is fully animated and interactive. There are 32 animated StoryBook pages, PLUS 4 game pages at the end of the ebook. Animations occur upon page load, as well as things for the child to tap on. Kids will have fun making: the puppy bark, snowmen walk, Grandma get cookies out of the snoven (snow oven), Grandpa slurp his summertime drink, Storm and Windy blow bubbles as well as sleigh down the hill! Kids will also have fun making it snow on several pages!! (of course)

“Storm and Windy’s Busy Weekend” is illustrated with REAL SNOWMEN created from the finest snow Mother Nature has to offer!

Pages have an optional “audio narration” feature, which allows even the youngest of children to be able to enjoy the story without the need of an adult to read to them.

“Storm and Windy’s Busy Weekend,”(animation and narration from start to finish), will entertain your child for over a HALF AN HOUR. That’s enough time to jump in the shower!!

Children will also enjoy some fun little GAMES at the end of the ebook, such as, build Krystal the snow fairy and have Storm and Windy toss a ball back and forth.

This story is also available in a physical 9×9 soft cover book.

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