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The House on Haunted Hollow “Awesome Edition”

Now Included in Version 3.0 of The House On Haunted Hollow is a Coloring Book and a Memory Game!

The House on Haunted Hollow is a charming holiday story about four mischievous friends who learn a valuable lesson after they disobey their parents and go trick-or-treating at a mysterious mansion.

Featuring animated pictures, original music and two different narration tracks, this Halloween book has been kid-tested and teacher-approved to ensure that it can be enjoyed by children of all ages and reading abilities.

Chris, Jason, Zoe and Daniel (and Daniel’s pet dog, too!) are excited to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. The four young friends get dressed up in their costumes and pose while their parents take pictures.

But before the children are allowed to leave for their Halloween adventure, their parents give them a warning: do not go trick-or-treating at the house on Haunted Hollow.

The children set out around their neighborhood, having fun while filling their bags with delicious candy. On their way back home, though, the children stumble upon a creepy, old mansion. They quickly realize that this is the house that their parents warned them about, but their curiosity gets the best of them. They open the gate and make their way up a winding path to the front door of the house on Haunted Hollow, where spooky surprises await them …