In the vicious San Andreas, the greatest catastrophe occurred. After the use, by unknown terrorists, of biological weapons, most of the population of this sunny city was infected with an unknown virus.

Once, before the disaster, you were a dangerous and steep gangster. You earned car hire, car dealers and work for corrupt police. But after the disaster there was nothing left but the desire to survive.

In this you will help a huge number of guns, with which you can shred whole crowds of zombies!

Remember! In the city there are survivors! Save them to replenish your gang with those who will help you!

Challenge the surging zombie apocalypse!


– Realistic graphics
– Beautiful special effects
– Realistic physics
– Multiple weapons
– Districts as in the grand San Andreas
– The protagonist of a auto theft

Download The Grand Auto San Andreas, do not let the zombie devour the whole city!

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Category: Action
Requirements: 4.1 and up