The Bowmaster Archery Bowman world invades Bowman’s hometown. He must race through five worlds. (Worlds, Forests, Worlds, Meadows, Earths, Desert, Ice Worlds, Earths
and Volcanoes) Survive from countless traps and enemies, collect trillions of coins, use lotteries to defeat dragons, spiders and mothers and
then rescue his friends Hong Kong and Dino. His super adventure, which is a superb 2d side-scrolling platform game with the ultimate sense of
control and a great design level.

This game is easy to control. But also very addictive A very detailed description of the classic platform game Emerging in the world Bowman.
For example, jump over enemies, destroy bricks to release power items, take Bowman, take burgers. (Become bigger),
high-speed shoes, scrolls, turtles and more. The super awesome and unique features of Super Bowman are the worlds hidden dungeons. Now collect as many coins as you can with magic items. Overcome 20 types of enemies and big bosses. 5 Explore 50 levels. Just jump, squat, power-up, fire, you’re the real hero …

Now it’s time to install the game and enjoy jumping.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, now more will come soon.

1) Rich animations and graphics in the game.
2) moving background music and sound
3) 9 challenging enemies: red snakes, giant snails, yellow horns, pigs, clouds and other secret enemies, etc.
4) Multiple Upward Power Listing: Powerball, Burger, Coke, Speed ​​Shoes, Combat Shoes (More coming soon)
5) Go to the top of the enemy to overcome them.
6) Brick stop items to release more energy.
7) Get the item to become a big invincible or get the ability to throw the ball.
8) hidden warp world

how to play
1) Tap left + right to move around.
2) Tap the button to destroy the brick.
3) Button freezes while jumping to jump higher.
4) Stand on top of the tunnel while going into it.
5) Tap left + right to swing the vine.
6) Jump to the top of the opponent to beat them or throw the ball to them.
7) Collect as many millions coins as you can to unlock new levels and gather power items.

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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 4.1 and up