Get a 2nd U.S number to your phone for UNLIMITED free text & call to US+CA, even your friends don’t have Textone app or Network to receive them! Text free & voicemail free! You can also get a temporary number for prank calls.
☞ Textone phone number is a REAL U.S. phone number, a 2nd personal mobile identity, used for dating, tinder, zoosk, temporary situation, craigslist, business, or prank calling.
☞ The app is even better than textplus, sideline, burner, talkatone, dingtone, textnow, pinger, magic jack or textfree!
☞ Just like a complete phone service packed into your cellphone, turning your Android Devices into a burner phone, TextOne can be your only phone!

【Highlight Features】
★Pick a free U.S. temporary phone number in any area code.
★Send unlimited FREE real SMS / MMS & Enjoy FREE calls to US & CA
via WiFi or cellular data. (No cell phone service required)
★ Receive incoming calls & texts from anyone, in ANY country
★Awesome advanced Features:
※ Call Forwarding to any Landline or mobile numbers.
※ Send FREE voicemail if no one answers your call.
★ International Calling: to any mobile or landline numbers over 200+ countries supported!
* Full picture messaging: send, receive and save pictures!
* Turn your Android Tablets into a burner phone!
* No contract, no commitment, no hidden fees, no need to change SIM cards or switch phone companies to enjoy.

【TextOne USE CASES 】
###################### create a NEW phone number for:####################
✓ Emergency: Get a 2nd phone number to stay connected when your phone is out of service.
✓ When you Traveling Overseas. Your friends in the U.S. can reach you without paying outrageous roaming charges.
✓ Online dating (OkCupid, Tinder, HowAboutWe, Zoosk, PoF, Grindr)
✓ New Job searches, multiple business lines, or temporary projects
✓ Craigslist, Backpage, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy (buying or selling)
✓ Private conversations, secret texts, or anonymous texting
✓ For managing Airbnb, for salespeople, solopreneurs, startups, for web forms, deliveries and other cases.

==================With TextOne, No more sim cards, no more separate phones.
Carrying two cellphones will soon be a thing of the past. ==========================

【Why use TextOne?】
– Personal phone numbers are part of your mobile identity.
Having a private number app for anonymous texting or calling is vital for your privacy!
Like a social security number, you shouldn’t give it out to everyone. A spare phone number can really come in handy!
– Callers will only ever see your 2nd phone number, keeping your main number anonymous and private

NO HASSLES – Turn your Android Smartphone or Tablets into a Burner Phone!
Create a 2nd phone number, keep them as long as you want, and burn them anytime. “Burn” the number with just a click so you no longer receive calls and texts.
You can get a new one with the same features at any time!

NO PHONE BILLS – Calling & Texting via Wifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you don’t get hit with expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay as you go – there are no minimums, contracts or worries.

Did Sideline, Textnow, Talkatone, Google Voice, Burner, Hushed or those fake number apps fail you? Be Charged? Buggy? Spammy? Bad connections? TextOne is the most reliable and fully featured phone number app. Not even TextPlus,Textfree, or NextPlus have our awesome advanced features.

CARRIER RELIABILITY – Most calling apps only work over Wi-Fi. Unlike them, TextOne
can also use your existing cellular network. This gives you the same great call quality you get from your regular number.

AREA CODE SELECTOR – Local or not, you can select the area code of your 2nd number.

TextOne – The best choice for 2 lines users.
TextOne, the best free phone number app to free you from your phone company!
Pick a personalized new phone number to enjoy unlimited local and international texts and calls now!

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