Text & Away is a mobile app that is in the business of saving lives, saving vacations, saving time and saving messages. This app is unlike anything on the market. It’s peace of mind. This mobile app automatically responds to incoming texts while you are preoccupied. Whether in your car, on a sales call or on vacation, your texts will be answered immediately with a personalized message that you create; informing your friends that you will respond when you have time.
Our research shows that people who receive a text feel it necessary to respond within seconds. For most of us that can be nearly impossible. Whether you are driving, in an important meeting or finally breaking away from your phone for a long weekend. You want your audience to know that you’ve received the text and you’ll respond when available.
You can set the app for long periods of time, while on vacation or during the weekend. You can set it just for an hour or for the afternoon. The replied message is completely customizable. Give as much or as little detail as possible. Even let your audience know how important you are!

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.0 and up