It’s time to make wonderful cupcakes! Girl Millie, her brother Geo, I love sweets and want to share delicious recipes with all friends. To do this they need your help in their preparation.

So, start making the cupcakes along with team Umizomi! Drag all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix different ingredients and invent amazing recipes based on simple components. After that, you must put them in the oven, where you must control time, not to burn them. Well done, you’re doing great! Decorate marmalade, chocolate and other delicious toppings!

Make sweet cupcakes of her own making, like a real Baker. Delivery will take live car Umimobile, the impossible robot Bot invite as many friends as possible.
Step by step follow the instructions and prompts and you will bake a delicious cake! Enjoy cooking!

Mix the ingredients
Bake cupcake
Use a muffin tin
Decorate cupcakes
Available without WiFi
Free baking games for kids

Umizomi robot adventures the game perfectly free for kids to play and learn to cook!

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Category: Educational
Requirements: 4.1 and up