Okay… Soooooo… You’re SCHOOLING some n00b… You SMASH him the face for 10 points. What do ya’ do?

Grab a pencil?

Fumble with your phone calculator?

Lame… Just… Lame…

TCG Counter makes it super easy to track your life and your victim’s… I mean… Opponent’s. Just hold down the minus button and watch their life drain away… Along with the color in their face!

Can it track poison damage? HECK YES! Just activate “Secondary Counters” in the settings.

Change the starting score to whatever you need. It works for pretty much any game.

Are you anal-retentive and want to track both scores yourself? No problem! Just turn off player mirroring in the settings.

Oh… Did I mention? NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASES!!!!


That’s right… Unlike other apps we’re not gonna make you watch a bunch of videos for lame games that only your mom plays. We also ain’t gonna extort you for money.

So hit that buy button and join all the cool kids using TCG Counter.


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Category: Board
Requirements: 4.0 and up