TakeBack Text is a new text messaging app for you to be able to communicate with family and friends. TakeBack Text uses your internet connection to let you message and control your messages to others. You can send messages, videos, and photos. You can also delete the photos, videos, and messages that you send. Once you delete the messages, photos, and videos from your message it deletes it from the places that you shared, and sent them to.

It also has a live text messaging editor system. Now you can edit the message to correct any mistakes that were made and the changes take effect in a live moment.

TakeBack Text also Alerts you when your message or pictures have been screenshot by others. You tap on the screenshot message and it shows the screenshot, the time of the screenshot and who screenshot the messages.

Make a private message within the message by using a secret pin number that you create.

Next level texting is here with more updates to follow.

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Category: Social
Requirements: 4.1 and up