Switchwords are English Mantras and are called one-word affirmation. By declaring, affirming, chanting, singing or even just by thinking one word, you can reliably bring into existence desired conditions, manifestations or results in your life. Each switchword works for a particular situation of life. When we chant a switchword repeatedly, the associated condition gets changed automatically. They are like “Siddh Mantras”. As Om chanting has its vibrations already within the Mantra, similarly these words have specific vibrations.

Similarly, Healing Numbers are the Numeric codes used for healing anything. They have been invented by Scientists like Grabovoi Girbori and Llyod Mear. Today many branches of healing numbers are available e.g. Grabovoi Codes, Llyod Frequencies, Rife Frequencies, Angel Numbers, Numbers channeled by Agesta and even more. There are unlimited codes for every situation of life. It’s an endeavor to help you heal by bringing all of them together in the class.

This application has all the words and numbers pertaining to every need ranging from pain to relationship issues to financial issues and much more. The listing would be generated in general with a special Search feature to list Words and Numbers related to any specific issue.

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.1 and up