Simple, fun, and easy to learn street style finger basketball shooting game. Simply swipe from left to right to shoot the ball. Perform trick shots by swiping different directions. The practice mode is great for sharpening your finger shooting skills or when you feel bored and want to shoot some hoops mindlessly. Play the arcade mode and score as high as possible to top the leaderboard. Overcome obstacles and beat the levels in the challenge mode to master this game. You can also invite a friend and battle each other via the same device 2 player versus mode. There are many fun balls (baseball, volleyball, tennis ball, soccer ball, dog ball, cat ball, monkey ball, and much more!) and ball courts to unlock and use. Download and play today!

Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball Features:
? Simple and easy to learn swipe basketball shooting
? Multiple Modes: Challenges, Arcade, 2 Players, Practice
? Unlock-able balls and ball courts
? Achievements with Google Play Game Services integration
? Local and global leaderboards*
? WiFi connection is not required to play**

Note: This game contains in-app-purchase and advertisements. In-app-purchase is optional. To prevent accidental purchases, you can enable purchase authentication within your Google play app ( Also, please note that advertisement viewing uses internet connection. Data charges may apply based on your service plan. Please contact your service provider for more details.

*The global leaderboard is a service provided by Google Play Game Services. To use the service, you will need to have internet connection and sign in to your Google Play account. Google Play Game Services can also be signed in or out in the high scores menu. Your scores are automatically uploaded to the leaderboard if you are signed in. If you do not wish to upload your scores, please make sure Google Play Games Services is signed out in the high scores menu (the game controller icon with the status off).

**Online services such as in-app-purchase and advertisement viewing will not be accessible during offline.

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.4 and up