Enhance your cycling and driving experience with this versatile GPS speedometer with cruise control and journey tracking for Android Wear and Mobile. Cruise control helps you to maintain a steady and safe pace while traveling. Set your target speed and be guided with pulses of vibration to raise your awareness of speed while you’re focused on your surroundings.

Designed to be used your smart watch while cycling and on your phone in your car as a head-up display (HUD), you can customise the speedometer to display miles, kilometres or knots. The dynamic dial can be set to read up to 960 and adjusts itself during your journey, making it suitable for a variety of different vehicles. You can view your journeys on a map and track your averages and top speeds, distances and journey times.

SW Velocity is designed to provide better speed awareness for road users. Whether you are driving or cycling, remember to follow the highway code and adjust your speedometer preferences before setting off.

* Dial scale from 40 up to 960.
* Journey tracking with distance and speed statistics
* Measure distance and speed in miles, kilometers and knots
* Cruise control provides assistance in maintaining a set cruising speed
* Adjustable over-speed warnings
* Designed as a HUD for your car dashboard and for Android Wear smart watch

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Category: Auto & Vehicles
Requirements: Varies with device