Survival Day: Apocalypse Z

Games in the style of survival and production of resources are always enjoyed constant popularity. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to a new game that will offer users a fascinating quest and unforgettable adventures.

Immersion in the world occurs literally from the first minutes of the game. In the story, the character gets to an unknown island, and in order to get to the neighboring pieces of land, it is necessary to build a vehicle on the water. To do this, you need to wander through your territory, noting and collecting all kinds of resources that will help to perform such a difficult task. Here you can find stones, pieces of ore, fragments of trees and much more. A backpack option is available in which everything that belongs to the character is stored. Here all the available food, drink, clothes and so on. In DAYZ you can interact with objects and surroundings, picking up something or performing some actions.

Moving along the playing field, the character finds various interesting things, for example, an abandoned car, which can serve as a source of useful finds. In survival game, you can also encounter unexpected inhabitants of this territory – infected residents. In such situations, it is necessary to engage in combat with the enemy, since such meetings do not bear any good to the character. It is worth noting that after a fight the hero can get some injuries, he may begin to bleed, which will be displayed on the game display. To help the character, you need to use bandages, tear a T-shirt or use improvised materials.

You need to go to the houses mini day z, where you can get something to eat. This is especially useful after a debilitating fight. Weapons will help to more effectively defend themselves against enemies – an important option for ranged combat is opened. Therefore it is worthwhile to look it up. On the game board are buttons for using various items available, which greatly strengthens the position of the hero. Especially nice that wandering around the map, you can get clues about where the necessary items are, because they are scattered in different places throughout the territory. It is necessary to move as much as possible, to run around, to quickly get acquainted with the terrain and see everything in the area. This will allow us to carry out a kind of reconnaissance and to understand where there is something that can be useful in the future.

It is worth remembering that at first the character’s ability to collect and store items is somewhat limited. Therefore, in it is very important to gain access to things that will be able to accommodate a greater number of items necessary for movement. Moving further into the interior of the territory will have to periodically encounter enemies who will exceed the number. In this regard, in survival game it is vitally important to monitor not only the physical state of the character, but also the amount of ammunition. After training, the character will have access to a map through which he can more accurately navigate the terrain and understand his location. A window with tasks to be performed is available, as well as a special section, which shows how to harvest the resources needed in day z. You can see the statistics of the player, which describes possible game situations, for example, blood loss, and options for their solution.

It should be noted that in the game Mini DAYZ – Survival Game everything is very detailed, thought out, every little thing matters. Such an amazing atmosphere is very exciting and gives unforgettable emotions. And the interaction with different objects makes the game even more realistic. Day z – a perfect gift for lovers of this style of play, because not only will be involved in a vivid journey, but also make you think.