Become a surgery doctor for a day and save super mom and super baby in pregnant mom pregnancy surgery baby pregnancy super mom mommy games! In the hospital clinic setting of surgery simulation games for mom be the gynaecologist and see the birth of super baby.
Take care of the superhero pregnant mom as doctor nurse and gynaecologist, give her good anaesthesia. The superhero super mom is suffering give her the best maternity surgery at best maternity hospital and get super baby baby boy or super baby baby girl in mom games
First help superhero pregnant mommy in maternity mommy games and medical games by taking her temperature. Then check pregnant mommy blood pressure and then give her blood injection at clinic during baby pregnancy. After that check sugar level of super mom.
Then next level of operation emergency hospital give superhero super mom who is pregnant mommy oxygen mask so she doesn’t feel gross. Then do superhero super mom ultrasound of super baby before you operate maternity surgery operation.
Then you can check superhero super mom heartbeat befire surgery operation and then warm up mommy before maternity operation of superhero super mom. Be a good doctor and nurse of maternity mom games.
Give mommy anaesthesia injection for superhero super mom pregnancy operation. You can unlock maternity operation tools by playing mini games in pregnant mom superhero super mom super mom maternity mom games.
Then begin operation surgery by giving anaesthesia to pregnant mom superhero super mom and begin caesarean pregnancy operation and get super baby either baby girl or baby boy also a superhero.
Then as nurse and doctor give baby care to superhero super baby like cutting his cord and giving injection, cleaning and wrapping in blanket. You can get baby and twin babies by choosing levels.
***How to play Superhero Mommy:
• Select from 4 superhero characters from;
> Wonder lady
> Lady Green
> Spider girl
> Kitty woman
• Play a total of 7 levels one by one of super mom game.
• Start super mom pregnant surgery step by step as shown.
• Prepare mom for surgery and nurse her.
• Get the baby at the end and take care of it and nurse it.

***Features of Superhero Mommy:
• Full procedure pregnancy surgery game.
• Multiple mommy superhero mom characters.
• Get multiple baby and twin babies character from surgery.
• Hospital setting.
• Surgical instruments in game;
> stethoscope
> thermometer
> Sugar tester
> Injections
> Oxygen masks
> ultrasound machines
• Mini games for extra points.
• Sound effects.
• Attractive graphics.
Give good care to both pregnant mom superhero super mom and superhero super baby and download this game for surgery operation clinic doctor hospital fun.

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Category: Casual Pretend Play
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up