SunnyFunnies are interactive tales – educational games for children, ages 2-5. This app was developed in collaboration with educational specialists and tested together with experts in kindergartens. The tales are aimed at improving various skills such as language, perception and artistic expression.

This fairy tale of hide-and-seek will encourage the children to observe and explore the results of their actions and enjoy their discoveries. The children are invited to participate in creating the plot and take their time to explore their own personal interests; they are aided by a cognition-friendly environment employing interactive frogs which respond to the child’s actions by showing different emotions. The game is abundant with objects and phenomena which can be observed in nature, so the little ones are encouraged to continue their explorations in reality.

In this story:

• 3D characters react to the child’s actions, using expressions and body language
• The child is encouraged to not only follow the plot, but to take an active part in creating it together with the characters.
• By facing unknown situations, surprises, and obstacles, children learn to understand problems and look for solutions.
• Children can ripple the water, open and close the water lilies, move the grass and the clouds, find hidden beetles, etc.
• They ‘discover’ the names of natural objects; upon touching a hidden object they hear its name and learn to remember it.

Main skills developed in this tale:

• Exploring the environment
• Counting and measuring
• Spoken language
• Social skills
• Understanding and expressing emotions
• Aesthetic appreciation and artistic expression

Special features available only in the full version:

• See what the river looks like before the sunrise
• Play and listen to the tale from the start
• See the sunrise
• Wake up the sun
• Search and find little bugs in the tall grass more than once and hear their different phrases
• Find a butterfly or a fly
• Find the froglet ‘Hoppy’
• Unlock the fully interactive section in which the tale never ends
• Enjoy a specially created melody
• Explore water lillies

Due to the attention paid to pedagogy, this interactive fairy-tale allows children to gain cognitive, speech, communication, social and art skills appropriate to their age.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up