Substratum REQUIRES root, or else it will not function!
HOWEVER, if you’re running on an OMS-based ROM or a Samsung device with Nougat and above then Substratum will run on rootless mode!

Is Substratum officially supported on Stock Samsung Nougat TouchWiz or Samsung Experience? Yes, but you will need the addon package available here:

Is Substratum officially supported on Stock Nougat/CM14.1/LineageOS? No, please use at your own discretion!


? Substratum

? Substratum Gerrit

? Substratum Github

? Substratum Theme Template

? Substratum Themers Help Thread

? Substratum Officially Supported ROM list and application for ROM devs to have ROM added to list

? Substratum Official Site (WIP)

? Substratum Translations

? Adding OMS support to Lineage ROMs info

? Rootless and OMS info

? Theme Ready Google apps (disable Play Store auto update, then flash over existing gapps)

? How to get a logcat

? Play Store Error 504/ 504 fix


It’s assumed in this community that users understand the basics of root and custom recoveries, and how to recover their devices if they run into problems. We’re not responsible for anything you do to your device.

? Stock devices other than Nexus are not officially supported,, don’t report issues if you choose to use Substratum on an unsupported device. More info

? Substratum does NOT work on ROMs with the CM theme engine

? Legacy does not include boot animations or fonts and requires a reboot

SUBSTRATUM LEGACY ON STOCK NEXUS AOSP 6.0 or 7.0. Legacy does not include boot animations or fonts and requires a reboot.

?1. Install TWRP, make a backup.
?2. Root
?3. Uninstall some Google apps from the system partition to make room on the system partition (Can be reinstalled from play store)
?4. Do not apply the Android system overlay after the November security patch or you will have bootloops, heed the bootloop warnings in Substratum


? Flash the rescue zips located inside the Substratum folder on internal storage.
? Substratum OMS – reboot into TWRP and remove the xml from /data/system/overlay.xml
? Legacy – Mount system in TWRP and remove the overlays from system/vendor/overlays
? Legacy devices with vendor partitions (Nexus 9, 5x, 6p, Pixel C, Marlin, Sailfish) mount vendor then remove overlays from vendor/overlay manually.

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Requirements: Varies with device