Stride Tax: Free Mileage Tracker

Stride Tax is the FREE automatic mileage tracker that helps you keep track of your miles for taxes and business expenses, and helps you save thousands on your tax bill all year round. It automatically maximizes your mileage deductions, imports expenses, helps you find money-saving write-offs, and makes tax filing a breeze.

Built and designed for self-employed business people and independent workers, Stride helps you discover business expenses and lower your tax bill. Most people save $4,000 or more at tax time by using Stride Tax!

If you’re self-employed, Stride Tax is the mileage log and expense tracker for you!

Stride makes taxes easier than ever by helping you:

+ Automatically track business mileage while you’re driving
+ Discover & record business expense write-offs you may be missing
+ Download a report the IRS will love!

Automatically track business mileage

Just press start when you leave the house and let Stride run in the background while you work; Stride Tax will automatically track and log every mile while you drive for business using built-in GPS. Stride users get $535 back for every 1,000 miles they drive!

+ Automated GPS mileage tracking
+ Track miles from all of your business trips and sales calls for reimbursement
+ Reminders to make sure you never miss out on miles
+ Everything captured in IRS-approved format
+ Mileage app provides the 2018 standard IRS mileage rate, which is 54.5 cents per mile driven for business, 14 cents for charity and 18 cents for medical mileage

Accurately track mileage, organize and report what you need to maximize your deductions and reimbursements. If you get a 1099 you can easily write off your business miles driven on your Schedule C. Stride Tax is the perfect mileage tracker for business.

But Stride Tax is more than just a a mile tracker for driving!

Track write-offs you may be missing

We find expenses you can deduct based on the work you do. On average, Stride Tax finds users $200 worth of deductions each week.

+ In-app guidance on what business expenses you can deduct and how to track them
+ Bank integration & receipt photo uploads to easily import expenses
+ Real-time support for any tax tracking questions
+ Calculate your largest mileage tax deduction
+ Upload your paper receipts of meals, supplies, and other expenses
+ Categorize trips as business, personal, charity, or medical

Stride Tax users tend to cut their tax bill in half (56%)!

Get an IRS-ready tax report for easy tax filing

We prepare everything you need to file in IRS-ready reports.

+ Gathers all the info needed to file in an IRS-ready report
+ Helps your taxes be audit-proof
+ Works with all filing methods: e-filing, tax software, accountants

Stride Tax makes tax filing a breeze!

+ Automatically log miles
+ Import business expenses
+ Find deductions and write-offs that save money
+ Integrate with tax preparation software that makes it easy to file your taxes


Stride Tax is great for:

Rideshare drivers (uber / lyft )
Delivery drivers
Food service professionals
Business consultants
Sales agents
Real estate agents
Home service professionals
Medical professionals
Physical therapists
Construction workers
Anyone who needs a mileage log and mileage tracker for their vehicle, to improve their mile iq, or get a freshbooks, concur, quickbooks self-employed, excel, or h&r block self-employed expense report done, or people looking for alternatives to other mileage trackers
And many more!