SEASON 2 UPDATES IN PROGRESS – Expected Release by 11/20/2017!

Just finished your latest binge of Stranger Things on Netflix, and ready for more?! Download the Stranger Trivia app to continue your experience and test your knowledge of the latest sci-fi phenomenon! Through the Stranger Trivia app, users will be able to compete for their own high scores, play against friends in an offline 2-player mode, and unlock trophies as they continue to correctly answer their questions!

The Stranger Trivia app consists of 350 questions pulled from the first season of Stranger Things, and will continue to expand with updates following the release of the new season. The questions can range from what events happened within Stranger Things, what actors portray which roles, and credits regarding the fantastic team that put together this great show. The user can select their own question difficulty as: Easy, Medium, Hard, or All (which combines questions from all previous difficulties).

Users can select between two game modes within the trivia app: IQ or Speed. In IQ mode, users are given 10 questions and simply try to get as many right as they can. In Speed mode, users try to answer as many questions as they can within 1 minute; however, there is a 50 question cap for those of you want to try to get lucky and just rapidly tap through all the questions.

Within these two game modes, users can compete for their own personal high scores or play against a friend on the same device to see who can answer the most questions!

Following each quiz game, the user’s personal stats will be updated for High Scores and a Win/Loss record in 2-player mode. These stats can be found by clicking on the “Stats” button on the Main Menu page, and trophies can be found by clicking on the “Trophy” button on the Stats page. Users also earn rewards as they continue to provide correct answers in the game, as with each 50 correct answers the user will level up and unlock a new digital trophy inspired from the first season of Stranger Things! The user starts at Level 1 and progress up to Level 11 (of course), and can unlock 10 trophies.

This game has no formal affiliation with Stranger Things or Netflix, and is intended as a free product for fans of the show to enjoy!

Please let us know your thoughts by submitting reviews and/or contacting us through our website ( or Twitter (@BlockAEntertain), so we can improve and provide you with more great products in the future!

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Category: Trivia
Requirements: 4.1 and up