The pedometer step counter will count your steps when you are walking and it will count it on real time basis. All you have to do is set the accuracy or sensitivity level so that this application can easily and accurately count your steps.
So checkout the counted steps on your mobile screen and the amount of calories you have burnt during exercise. This app is not limited to step counter and burned calorie counter this app will also show you the distance you have covered during the exercise, total walk time and the walk speed per hour.
These all features in this app and that too is free of cost. No need to buy applications that cost you money. Why buy it when you can get it for free.
Use technology and know what you can do with this mobile phone. Just pick up your mobile phone download this pedometer calorie counter and fat burner application and enjoy your healthy life.
It is not similar to other applications that have difficult and crowdie layout. You will see everything is very easy and functional in this app.
Just press the start button and start walking. Walk and measure your each day calories and compare them with the amount of calories you have consumed. From Play Store you will download free apps that tells you how much calories you have consumed while eating fast food or healthy food.
After pressing the start button the app will automatically starts recording your steps after analyzing it through motion or your movement. Put mobile in your pocket and start jogging or running after you finished with your exercise check your mobile and see how many calories you have burned.
There are multiple backgrounds in this app that you can use in order to change the look of the main menu of the app. use different wallpapers and look classy.
Choose the intensity of the application through settings.
From setting you can set the length of your foot. By setting this you will get accurate measurements of steps.

You will love the graphics of the application that we have designed especially for our special users. So whenever you go to hiking, running, jogging or even walking don’t forget to turn on the Pedometer step counter and calorie burner counter.
Please not some devices are not compatible with this application so if you find variation in results then its compatibility issue. Please send us your suggestions and feedback we would love to hear it from you. Have a safe, secure and healthy life. Because health is wealth.

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up