State Beauty Supply

The State Beauty Supply app solves several problems for State Beauty Supply delivery drivers, accounting departments, salesmen, and owners. You will literally be able to hire a new driver, teach him what to say, and send them on their way alone the first day!

No need for paper manifests! The manifest from SIMS is loaded directly into the app with the click of a button. While inside your facility the app connects directly to your SIMS server enabling you to see all available delivery manifests. After downloading a manifest, the customers are stored on the mobile device enabling you to navigate to store locations, record money collected, and then complete a delivery with a customer’s digital signature. The app also recognizes when you have an incorrect address in SIMS. This is very beneficial in correcting the SIMS customer file.

You will no longer need to train new drivers where salons are located. Hand them a tablet and it will guide them to each salon in a Google maps optimized route. These optimized routes make stop numbers obsolete reducing customer maintenance greatly. When they deliver packages, the app will require the driver to obtain a signature. The customer can sign with their finger or with a tablet pen.

If the customer is COD, it will require the driver to collect payment in full in order to complete the delivery. You may collect overpayments, and payments from non COD customers as well. New columns have been added to the digital delivery manifest to include a column for credit cards. As the driver adds the collection using the cash, checks, and credit card fields, the app automatically totals the customer collections rows and the columns. Drivers no longer need to manually calculate anything on the manifest.

At the end of the day the driver uploads the completed manifest in PDF format to a Google Drive cloud folder where it can be archived or printed. This document is very clean and concise. It reduces the amount of pages you will need to print, and because it’s a computer generated report rather than a hand written sheet, it will be very easy to read while posting payments. These files also contain the signature of the person accepting the order, and may be useful months after a delivery is made.

** IMPORTANT ** This app is only for State Beauty Supply stores using the SIMS software for their delivery drivers and sales staff. It will require a registration and subscription to the service in order for the app to run.