Measure the sound of your mp3 music and ambient environment with Sound Meter! Free to download!

Simple db Sound meter to measure environmental noises

Main features:

• It measures environmental noise level
• Gauge for indicate current dB sound level
• Line chart for monitoring SPL changing
• Can calibrate the decibel values for each devices
• dB Sound meter has fast response

For calibration your device you have to find noiseless place at home (average ambient noise level is 30 dB ) and set value for correction in the calibration menu.

Turn your smartphone in the real sound level meter !

NOTE: This sound level meter uses built-in microphone to measure ambient noise level, so the app is not as reliable as a professional noise meter, but it gives approximate values. The maximum values can be limited by the device (often limit is in a range 80 dB – 90 dB ). Very loud sounds may not be recognized.
Some devices are equipped with AGC (Automatic Gain Control). This system causes additional sound pressure level measurement error.

Levels of Noise In decibels (dB) :
140 dB – gun shots, fireworks
130 dB – jackhammers, percussion section at symphony
120 dB – jet planes taking off
110 dB – power saw, car horns
100 dB – school dance, boom box
90 dB – power tools
80 dB – Alarm clocks
70 dB – traffic, vacuums
60 dB – normal conversation, dishwasher
50 dB – moderate rainfall
40 dB – quiet residential area
30 dB – whisper
20 dB – leaves rusting
10 dB – breathing

Category: Music & Audio
Requirements: 4.1 and up