Thanksgiving Day is coming, bring your family a reunion feast!

In this animal hunting ground, beside the thanksgiving meal, you need protect your sniper shooter’s glory as well!

It’s not a battlefield, it’s an animal hunting campaign; you’re not a killer, but a glorious hunter!

This game is different from other ordinary shooting games, which don’t have too many killings and bloody, but good marksmanship and scattered escape animals!

◆Realistic 3D simulation screen, various hunting missions.
◆Total 5 kinds of gun system: sniper rifle, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, heavy howitzer, and 21 light and heavy weapons.
◆Prepare 1 off-road car and 2 Infrared Telescope for you.
◆Stronger upgrade equipment system: damage, stability, sight, magazine capacity, reload time, high quality firearms.
◆You can carry a weapon, two missiles, infrared telescope, and a car.
◆2 modes: Hunter and professional hunter.
◆Every map has 4 scenes can be selected.
◆Easy game play.

How to play:
◆Click left and right button and control to move.
◆Click gun sight to aim the animals.
◆Slide button to adjust the magnification.
◆Click two throw button on the left corner, threw a grenade attack or use of cooling liquid.
◆Click sighting mode on the right corner button with night vision infrared.
◆The shooting button to shoot animals.
◆Click the reload button to add bullets.

Off-line? No problem!
Though there is no turkey within the game, you can hunter other animal instead, like moose, elephant, bear, etc. for your thanksgiving dinner.

As the best animal hunting and sniper shooter game, hurry up pick up your gun, let’s go for hunting now!

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Category: Action
Requirements: 2.3 and up