AOS – 3.3, July 23, 2017

Discover SleepIQ® technology.
Only Available with Sleep Number® beds.

SleepIQ® uses intelligent biometrics to provide a daily score based upon your personal goals and sleep patterns. SleepIQ® 3.3 now offers the capability to see your score in relation to people like you and near you (see Insights below).


Sleep: See last night’s metrics, including SleepIQ® score, SLEEP NUMBER® setting, biometrics, and sleep times at a glance. A summary statement provides context to what your metrics mean.

NEW Insights: Insights puts your SleepIQ® score in context, giving you the chance to see how activities and inputs (like coffee or exercise) affect your sleep. It allows you to see your sleep in comparison to your partner, other people in your demographic group (“Like Me”) and other people who live in your area (“Near Me”).

Bed Controls: SleepIQ® makes controlling your SLEEP NUMBER® bed simple – no remote necessary.
Use the guided experience to find your SLEEP NUMBER® setting
Choose a position preset for your FlexFit™ ™ adjustable base, or use the up/down arrows to make adjustments
Control items like Underbed Light from Accessories, and easily access Routines

Routines: Edit routines and add routines for different nights of the week, so you can adjust your sleep to your individual schedule. Note: If you get into bed before your stated bedtime, Routines will not work.

SleepIQ® also allows you to track delivery of your bed
If you choose, SleepIQ® will connect with the following home, health and wellness apps:
Microsoft Health

Feed: Feed offers expert articles about sleep, health and wellness. Additionally, helpful tutorials reside within Feed to help you make the most of your experience.

With a Sleep Number® 360 smart bed, take advantage of these features for effortless sleep.
NEW: Set a timer to use Foot Warming from within SleepIQ® (360 FlexFit™ 3 adjustable base only), or add to Routines for automatic usage
NEW: Adjust the intensity of Underbed Lighting to low / medium / high (360 FlexFit™ 1/2/3 adjustable base only)
Responsive Air can be turned on and off in Bed Controls
“Favorite” button on the side of the bed, which is controlled with SleepIQ® (360 FlexFit™ 1/2/3 adjustable base)

Know. Better. Sleep.

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Category: Health & Fitness
Requirements: 4.4 and up