SleepFester contains 40 high-quality sounds and noises, that can help babies and children calm down and fall asleep.

It includes 10 sounds
– river, forest, rain, birds, field, fire, fountain, park, rainstorm, waves
18 noises
– dish washer, washing machine spin slow, hair dryer big, hoover slow, lawn mower, fan, car slow, car faster, hair dryer small, hair dryer old, fridge, hoover fast, washing machine spin fast, washing machine washing, electric toothbrush slow, electric toothbrush fast, cooking, heater
and 12 musical motives
– love, mountain, peace, relax, bells, endless, fairy, garden, kids, orchestral, snow, spiral
which offer small harmonic themes.

Combine up to 3 different sound sources to create the setting you desire – no need to choose only one!
Every sound can be tuned with regards to volume and low-pass filter, in order to create a sonic environment that the baby knows from the time of pregnancy.

Sounds can be faded out via timer for a better experience.
For best sound quality and reproduction of the full spectrum of frequencies connect the phone/tablet to an amplifier, loudspeaker or any other multimedia equipment available.

Before purchase the free version “SleepFest” can be tested.

When used, the flightmode should be activated, if possible.

– available languages: englisch, german, french, spanish, italian

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 5.0 and up