Sleep in Your Own Bed, BABY! offers a step by step instructional program for parents to train their baby to sleep independently in their own bed.

Many babies from 4 to 30 months have a hard time sleeping in their own bed due to anxiety of detachment from their parents. This program allows your baby to slowly break free from those anxieties. Over a few day period, if the program is used consistently at every sleep time, your baby will be sleeping peacefully by themselves in their own bed.

In general, you will be leaving the baby in the crib for a set amount of time before going in and comforting the child. As the program progresses, the times between entering the room are increased.

Simply follow the instructions included and you will normally see results by the 3rd sleep time. It is recommended to start this program during the first nap of the day for your child. This program is similar to the Ferber Method. Although it is recommended to use the preset times in the program, the times can be customized by the user if desired.


– Notifications to inform parent of each step
– Prompting can be turned on or off for each step/action

– Action task bar notifications
– Move to next step from task bar without opening app
– Time remaining displayed on the notifications

– Notification Options
– Vibrate on/off
– Sound on/off
– Specify different ringtone for each event
– Repeating notification reminders
– Light up screen upon notification (requires wake_lock permission)

– Light and Dark Theme

– User customizable timer settings

– Times are all stored and can be easily saved to a (csv) file.

– No ads, spyware or tracking

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up