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Supported content
‌• Podcasts and podcast episodes
‌• Shows
‌• Playlists
‌• Charts
‌• Albums
‌• Artists
‌• Tracks

‌• Various flexible widgets
‌• Dynamic shortcuts, Normal shortcuts can be created for every content
‌• Added Spotify content can sorted with ease and is automatically applied to all widgets and dynamic shortcuts
‌• Beautiful designed widgets and app
‌• Customizable widgets: Change the primary and secondary text color, the background and background tile color

‌• Always direct access for your most important content
‌• Avoid the struggle and save the time to search your content in the Spotify app
‌• Change the widgets design to match your Homescreen

Spotify restrictions
‌• Music is always opened and played with the default settings, that means it’s not possible to start a playlist in shuffle mode
‌• Users can’t be added