The Shift²Keyboard Technology has found a way to make multilingual typing almost as easy as multilingual speaking.

The Shift² Keyboard Technology design added a new set of shift keys (“Shift²”) that makes it possible to access extended characters, combining tonal marks such as accents, sub-dots, and other symbols directly during regular typing.

Whether you’re typing in English, French (Français), or any of the many written Nigerian languages such as: Hausa, Ìgbo, Yorùbá, Ebira, Ẹdo, Fulfulde (Fula), Ibibio, Ẹfịk, Ijọ, Kanuri, Urhobo, Nupe, Igala, Idoma, Isekiri, Anaang, Isoko, Kalabari, Geomai and Tiv, just to name a few, you simply type. Adding tonal marks to alphabets is exactly how you write.

Nigeria is a country of about 170 million people, with between 250 and 400 native languages and dialects. These languages largely fall into three main global language groups, Afro- Asiatic, Chadic and Niger-Congo. All the native languages are typed using the Latin alphabets. Nigeria is officially an English speaking country, but Nigerians have not abandoned their native languages, in fact, Nigerians continue to use their native languages in all naming conventions.

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Category: Communication
Requirements: 5.0 and up