SherpaShare – Rideshare Driver Assistant

#1 App for Uber/Lyft Drivers or anyone who uses personal car for work!

SherpaShare helps you maximize your earning potentials:

+ Save money by getting the tax deduction or reimbursement you deserve without tracking everything manually. Work best with SherpaShare Dashboard.

+ Make money by knowing when and where to drive and how to drive.

+ SherpaShare connects you with the larger driver community to get real-time information, help, and support for better work decision making.


• Used by over hundreds thousand ridesharing drivers, on-demand deliverers, business travelers, freelancers and others.
• Automatically tracks all your mileage using your phone’s GPS in a battery-friendly way.
• Allows easy classification of all your trips with the customizable purpose.
• Track your expense at your fingertips with customized categories.
• Best tracking technology with the detail trip information
• Securely backed-up in the cloud with all your financial information in one place and accessible from every device.
• Connects you with a community of other drivers for insights into real-time road conditions, work-related questions, and stories.
• Get optimal route to get more pings if you are driving for Uber and Lyft
• Get real-time support and help.

SherpaShare is a must have for anyone who needs mileage tracking for business. The IRS deduction rate is 54 cents per qualifying mile in 2016! Don’t miss out on miles you could be claimed for business, charity or medical drives. SherpaShare lets you download a mileage tracking spreadsheet or printable mileage log so you can confidently submit your tax return or expense reports.

If you use your personal vehicle for work, ever mile you drive is worth 54 cents in tax deduction or mileage reimbursement. Keeping a manual mileage log is time-consuming and easy to forget. With SherpaShare’s advanced tracking technology, customers benefit from an increase in total miles logged due to the improved accuracy and “alway on” nature of our service. SherpaShare Tracker also gives customers a peace of mind when they are focusing on their work and maximize their earnings.

Here is some simple breakdown to help you understand more:

• If you drive 1,000 miles per year for business, your annual mileage deduction would be $540. That’s 1,000 miles x 54c (standard mileage rate) = $540.
• If you drive 10,000 miles per year your mileage deduction would be $5,400. That’s 10,000 miles x 54c standard mileage rate) = $5,400. That’s money you won’t need to pay in taxes or that you get back from your employer as a reimbursement!
• The average SherpaShare customer is logging $6,900 in mileage deductions or reimbursements. How much are you logging?

• Detecting your trips and logging them automatically.
• Calculating trip distances and value.
• Auto-syncing drives data securely to the cloud.
• Capturing drives in miles or kilometers (m or km) with route information.
• Storing your complete drive history.
• Calculate tax deduction and generate expense.

• Categorize trips with a single click.
• Create custom tag to define your trip purposes.
• Create or edit trips as needed.
• Export data to a printable mileage log (PDF).
• Pause tracking as needed
• Access support in real time.

SherpaShare has been used by tens thousands of on-demand drivers on the daily basis to track their works. It is voted as the #1 app every Uber driver shall have. New York Times acclaims SherpaShare “An App That Helps Drivers Earn the Most From their Trips”!

*** A 100-mile business drive earns you $53.5 in deductions, average users save more than $6,000 a year! ***

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