ShapeShift – Crypto Exchange

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“Like a cryptocurrency vending machine” – CoinDesk

“That was the most painless crypto conversion I have ever done. Congratulations.” – Marshall Hayner,

“Just did ~150 LTC to BTC in a sec with no account.” – Rodolfo Novak, CEO CoinKite

“Brilliant. These guys nailed it.” -peaceisreason

This is the official ShapeShift mobile app. It provides the exact same functionality as the website at but in a much more convenient app format.

Convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly within the app. Conversions take just a few moments. There is no account needed – making it much faster and more secure than traditional services.

Supported coins:
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum
– Litecoin
– Dogecoin
– Dash (formerly Darkcoin)
– Ripple
– BitShares
– CounterParty
– Nubits
– Tether
– Storj
– Namecoin
– Startcoin
– Monero
– Clams
– Mastercoin
– Zcash
– And more!

Give it a try, it’s the fastest and easiest way to convert altcoins.

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-The ShapeShift Team