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Sarahah is the application of a joke or what is called prank site frankness official to face the frankness of your friends, colleagues and loved ones

You can now know the message owner to apply explicitly – Continue to apply frankness to get more users who want to receive messages from anonymous, expressing the opinions and positions of those around them on the application in question.
It explicitly allows its users to access messages from their friends or unrelated persons
This means that users of the application of frankness receive “anonymous” messages, unlike other applications that require users to perform their personal information if they wish to send messages to their friends via those applications.
The application, which began to spread about two weeks ago, has generated a tremendous amount of comments on the websites, and once you have entered a clear application, the phrase “Are you ready to face frankness? Get your self-confidence from your colleagues and friends. “After completing the registration process, your account will be displayed to your friends to express their views freely, helping you to know your advantages and disadvantages so that you can improve your print.

You receive messages without an unknown name. Contact them, get constructive criticism from your friends and colleagues by means of explicit messages. The idea is to allow the participant to obtain constructive criticism from colleagues and friends without knowing their identity,

Sarahah Explicitly – Strengthen Your Strengths – Treat Your Weaknesses – Frankly saraha – Frankly sarahah com – Explicitly bold – sarahah english – sarahah – Frankly – sarahah mobile – sarahahstore.

– The application of a site explicitly not a formal application of the site explicitly is just a guide to explain the way you register and use the site only.
– The application site is explicitly PRANK any application to be kidding with your friends through it.

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Requirements: 4.0.3 and up